Black Heavy Knit Merino Socks

Black Heavy Knit Merino Socks

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Luxurious thick knit merino wool socks.

5x1 rib 

Seamless toe for extreme comfort

Leisure Weight, good for outdoor activities such as hiking, or just knocking about at home with cosy fitting socks.


Using a 96-stitch 'leisure-weight' gauge, which makes for a thicker sock - ideal for boots. The Merino wool makes the 5x1 Rib socks an opulent treat every time you wear them. A classic style designed with optimum comfort in mind these merino socks will be the best of your basics.

Soft and breathable, Merino wool makes Malloch's Heavy Knit socks extremely warm and comfortable. Made in 'leisure-weight' Merino wool, the socks provides warmth without overheating while drawing moisture away from the skin for comfort, keeping your feet constantly warm and comfortable.

Made in England.