Grey Fine Merino Socks

Grey Fine Merino Socks

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Luxurious fine knit merino wool socks.


Size Chart:

M 7.5-9.5 41-44 8.5-11  26.5-28.6
L 10-12 45-47 11.5-13 29-31


The benefits of Merino Wool for hosiery?

The coat of the Merino breed of sheep is synonymous with the production of fine, soft wool with excellent body temperature regulating properties.

Merino wool provides warmth, without overheating the wearer while drawing moisture away from the skin. The socks are breathable and can be worn all year round

All the Merino wool used by Malloch's is worsted spun which ensures strength and the long fibres help to give our socks a soft feel.

Made in England