Seaweed Grange Lambswool Hat

Seaweed Grange Lambswool Hat

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This piece of understated luxury knitwear is a timeless style made from premium soft lambswool. Our Seaweed Grange Lambswool Hat is the perfect styling accompaniment to any winter outfit. 

Made using two coloured yarns knitted together to create a unique affect. The Seaweed Lambswool Hat completes the collection along with the Dean and Newman using the Seaweed colourway – one of the best selling colours. 

Featuring a fully-fashioned design allowing you to choose how narrow or wide you wish to fold the hat giving you the best knitwear experience. 

Our Lambswool Hat uses a premium 2-ply soft lambswool that is spun by world renowned Z. Hinchliffe in Yorkshire, England. They produce some of the finest wool yarn in the world, using only the best wool from pedigree sheep.

- Classic British style
- Timeless appeal
- Relaxed look 
- Great worn with waxed jackets and overcoats
- Perfect to accompany navy or green clothing

100% Lambswool
Made in Hawick, Scotland